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All individuals have the right to lead an independent life in the field of sexuality, and sexual assistance can be an optional personnel that helps us attain it, a tool at the service of those who get support.

SexualityIn a promotional video for the movie Vivir y otros ficciones (2017 ), titled' I masturbate', various people appear recognizing that they masturbate and stating phrases such as: "Nobody understands my body much better than I do"; "I am the owner of my orgasms"; "It's another way of loving myself and taking care of myself." Finally, a woman with minimized movement and in a wheelchair appears who verifies: "I don't masturbate; without support, my body is not mine ".

Sexual help intends to assist resolve this circumstance; be an assistance so that all individuals can live their sexuality. Hence, those who defend the requirement for this resource limit it, as suggested in Asistenciasexual.org, to "people who can not explore their body, masturbate and carry out some sexual practices with another person without the assistance of someone; for that reason, not all individuals with functional variety need sexual assistance ".

Currently, the figure of the Personal Assistant is acknowledged, an individual who carries out or assists to perform the jobs of every day life to another individual who, due to their scenario, practical variety or for other reasons, can not perform them by themselves, as described the Association of Personal Assistance Professionals. They are accountable for supporting tasks such as grooming, dressing, rising, doing physiological requirements, consuming, drinking, remembering, turning pages or utilizing electrical home appliances, as well as accompanying the individual in the house, at work or in the house. recreation and translate different alternative communication systems. Lots of jobs, however none related to sexuality.

Natalia Rubio, president of the Sexuality and Disability Association, mentions that "the individual who supplies personal help must function as a tool, must not take the role of the individual." And he includes that "the will of the person getting the assistance should dominate. It is she who chooses ". Antonio Centeno, member of the Independent Living and Fun Forum, specifies it in a more graphic way: "Other hands, but my choices."

They both agree that "if an independent life is a picked life, a life without sexuality is not a complete life." A person with practical diversity or special needs is as sexual as other individuals and should have the exact same right as others to find out to understand themselves, to accept themselves and to be able to reveal their eroticism in a satisfying method. That is why sexual education will always be needed, however in many cases, in addition, sexual support or some other kind of resource or technological support will be necessary.

However, around the term 'sexual help' many debates have been created. In fact, as Andrea García-Santesmases mentioned in 2016, "there is no consensus on what is (is not) sexual support and who ought to be its companies and beneficiaries." Evidence of this is that the same term is used with three various significances:

Support to access one's body sexually and supports before, throughout or after sexual practices with another person.

Osurrogate sex surrogate. A resource for sexology professionals, a tool to treat some troubles that is part of a restorative process, for example, in the absence of a partner of the client.

Particular sexual service to fulfill the needs of individuals with practical diversity. That is, a specialized sex work.

From the groups of people with practical diversity or special needs-- Movement de Vida Independiente, Plena Inclusión and others-- the figure of the sexual assistant is demanded to be able to reach where the personal assistant does not get here. Knowing that it is not unsurrogate, since it is not part of a problem, nor is it a sexual service. It is the right to a full life. It is making the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities a reality, that includes the right of all individuals with impairments to carry out their independent life task and to receive the required support to accomplish it.

Natalia Rubio firmly insists that assistance is support: "The person who performs sexual assistance is the instrument, it is not the hand that caresses, nor is it the item of desire (...). There is no sensual interaction in between the two people (...). There is no kissing, intercourse, caressing or oral sex (...). Sexual assistance does not satisfy erotic desires, however rather facilitates them ".

Nevertheless, the term 'sexual help' is not to everybody's preference and there are those who choose "intimate and erotic companion" (AIE). Among them is Francesc Granja, from Tandem Team, who comprehends that "an individual's sexuality can not be helped, we are all efficient in providing and receiving satisfaction, and the only thing that is assisted, in an intimate encounter, is the logistical part-- Transfers, clothing, probes-- or communicative with adapted systems ".

The person with functional diversity needs to access their own body from desire and enjoyment. That is likewise empowering yourself and participating in the very same rules as the rest of society.

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